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In collaboration with leading graduate
employers, we have built the Graduate
Employability Framework (GEF).

What is a PER?

The free Personal Employability
Report (PER) includes your Score,
Strengths and Development Priorities.

The average student is 71% employable.

How do you compare?

In collaboration with leading graduate employers, we have developed a tool to help you better understand your strengths and development needs, helping you increase your chances of securing that dream job.

Our Graduate Employability Framework sets out ten core strengths that prestigious employers look for in potential hires.

The getEmployable survey assesses you against each of these areas - from resilience and teamwork to work experience and leadership, assigning a level from 1 to 5 for each. Complete the 10 minute survey now!

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Discover your Employability

University is expensive. Make the most of your experience.

Three simple steps can help set you up for your dream job.

  • Check how employable you are. A good degree is not enough to get a great job.
  • Get involved. Join several clubs and societies, actively participate and take on leadership roles that enable you to develop your skills and show initiative.
  • Gain experience. Broaden your horizons - investigate careers that you might like but don’t yet know about. Apply for work experience, spring weeks and internships.

A university education
is an expensive

We want to ensure
you get an excellent

We want you to find a job you are passionate about
and best suited to…

A typical graduate is happiest in their role when:

  1. They have responsibility and autonomy
  2. Their values align with the organisation
  3. They have scope to progress

Graduate Salaries

£16,000 Less employable graduate (non-professional)
£20,600 Average of all graduates
£30,000 Median salary at Top 100 firms
£70,000+ 1st year at some top firms

In 10 minutes, get your free Personal Employability Report!

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  1. To produce a detailed report, we need to ask around 40 multiple choice questions… so grab a cup of tea, get comfortable, then click here to start.
    • Answer honestly - it is not a test, and telling the truth will mean you get a report that helps you!
    • Read every question in full - it’s worth taking the time!
  2. Check your email for your Personal Employability Report and score out of 100%.
  3. Discover your strengths and understand what else you need to do to secure a top job.
  4. Find out if you are eligible for free careers support, worth up to £2,700.
How employable are you?
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