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Your Background

getEmployable was created by upReach , a social mobility charity, in 2017. upReach deliver a comprehensive professional development programme in partnership with universities and employers. Through our support activities, we help students into full time graduate employment. You can become an upReach Associate to meet like-minded students, receive a comprehensive report with a detailed career action plan, and gain free careers support worth up to £2,700.

As an upReach Associate you would access:

  • Exclusive events and work experience with our partner employers.
  • Personalised one-to-one support from a Programme Coordinator.
  • Mentor from a top employer.
  • Free online Career Courses and practice tests

upReach Associates are 3 to 5 times more likely to succeed than an average applicant!

Are you interested?

In order to be an upReach Associate, you must:

  • Have a household income below £42,620.
  • Have attended UK state schools (only) since age 11 (or since age 14 if you were educated abroad before then).
  • Have achieved at least BBB (we use contextualise your A-Level results to ensure fair access, ) in your top 3 A-Levels or an equivalent qualification (including Access to Higher Education courses).
  • Have achieved at least a C in GCSE Maths and English.
  • Be over 18.
  • Currently be an undergraduate that is in full-time study at a UK university.
  • Not to be studying social work, nursing, dentistry or medicine.

Thank you

Congratulations on completing the Employability Assessment! Your Employability Score and report have been sent to your University email address. To complete your application to become an Associate, simply fill in the below details. You may also be interested in the services offered by your University Careers Service - see this link. " ["Pre-Invite questions" included at the bottom and link to University Careers Service, depending on which university they were at]